Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Accepting Responsibility" Means More Than Voting,...

Yes, Joseph Smith was a con man - and the "church" knows it - but still they soldier on. 

Mitt Romney can admit the whole Mormon "prophets" B.S. is,...well, B.S. - but still they soldier on. 

And even after that Mormons still support Romney for president and claim he's a good and honest man from a good and honest religion.

Meanwhile, American conservatives - who were so upset (as I was) about Obots getting kids to sing the president's praises - are now applying their own cult-like pressure to adults.

Good job, guys. 

Let me try to make a point to you immoral morons:

Here's a recent (but teenie-tiny) story about a cult that's cost a guy his leg trying to "help." 

Here's another recent (but teenie-tiny) story about a cult that's cost a woman her life trying "help."

What I'm trying to say is - no matter what happens to those who participate with them - I haven't found any stories about cults calling it quits (or anyone, but  - unsurprisingly - ex-cultists, who will even call a cult a "cult"). It's just people being hurt or killed - and always behind the scenes - while the cults continue to grow by offering "help"to those unwilling to consider helping themselves in any real-world manner a real person, a normal person, a common sense person, would recognize.

America, is this really the kind of "help" that we need?

Mormonism is an occult-founded-and-based (debased?) cult. For instance, it is part of their doctrine that it's members will get to Heaven by lying for the "church" AKA "Lying For The Lord." Knowing this, I am of the opinion that, right now, America is - pardon my language - "making a deal with the Devil." So, no matter what Romney and his cult say they'll do for us, or eventually do to us - and they've already got us throwing our ethical foundation to the wind as they have their own - unless challenged, he and his cult will continue to grow, only aiming to do us more harm, because we are not one of them.

Yes, I said "more harm," which brings me to "The Devil We Know."

But no, I DON'T mean the president....


  1. It would be beneficial, methinks, if Americans would read "The Cleansing of America" (a tiring and laborious read to be sure -- it seems books of such a nature usually are, ever noticed that?), by an author quite highly regarded by a certain Mssrs. Beck and Romney (that they highly regard him and his works should be enough cause for alarm).
    It is enough that some people do actually take it for really reals, and that others see their chance at more...temporal returns from this sort of thing.
    They could cause a lot of harm indeed, even if they just cleave to the philosophy illustrated in the blasted title!
    ...and of course, it will be rank and file Republicans that will take the blame for this, of course...
    They are playing with fire.



    Mother Jones has been busy...and honestly they may be on to something, at least with Mitt.
    Skousen makes Rand look sane and be blunt: just what the hell is going on here?
    Ok, rhetorical question but... wtf?!?

  3. I have no problem with anyone saying anything about religion in a civil manner (which means any manner non violent). So long as we can criticize the manner and substance of what people say right back (in a non violent manner). That is called social discourse.

    That said, you better stay out of England.

  4. So it's ok for me to call bs on Ann Romney's equating her husband and sons' missionary service with the service of our military personnel, and the inference that somehow both are both somehow services to the country (and not one being a church thing and the other a constitutionally provided for state thing)? That I'm sick to death of any church doing that, because it stinks to high heaven of holy hypocrisy and sickening sanctimony, revolting righteousness?
    and that it really doesn't make conservatives look good if they haul off and scream "religious bigotry" when Ann gets called on it and thus help uphold Ann's original claim (that somehow missionary work is of equal value as service and sacrifice to the country as military service, which also implies that the separation of church and state really doesn't matter anymore as long as it's the "right" religion)?