Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mister Romney's Neighborhood: Where Nobody's Liked


  1. Meh. I thought it would be funnier than it was. I liked the dog on the trolley, but the ending was lame.

  2. The current president's many faults are so old and hashed over, that it becomes much like beating a dead horse. All but the most fervent cultist Democrats have awoke to the coffee -- they realize he sucks; they're just in that stage of trying to figure out if they want to jump ship or just go along for the ride.

    Mitt however is still a golden calf. The right wing is at this very moment engaged in the same stupidity as the Democrats were in '08; it may not have exactly the same form, but it's there and getting worse (how many conservatives have lately started waxing rhapsodic over the good genes that have obviously uniformly blessed the Romney family, along with money -- why, they are right out of Atlas Shrugged! at which point many conservatives have to go change their panties and go all fainty -- now, tell me that's a healthy way for Americans to consider politicians). You guys called up the meat, you like the meat -- well, some of us don't like the meat, but will toss it to the rhetorical dogs from time to time.
    Just like the Democrats and their bitching about poor Barack -- too bad.


    ..and I might add that he is not helping with the Democrat ship jumping.

    And I thought it was funny, could've been even more sarcastic though -- that would be funnier yet. For the first time in a very long time (possibly the first time ever) I'm chuckling at Doonesbury -- Mitt Romney is a miracle worker after all!

  3. and it should always be brought up:

    The GOP candidate is also the person who made part of his personal fortune (and helped out a lot of his brethren, including up until today -- ehem, Orrin Hatch, Mike Leavitt) in an industry that is now engaging in this sort of weirdness:

    For some reason that creeps me out a bit more than a Flintstone's chewable. Most especially given some of the not so distant history of a lot of things...guess there's different words of wisdom for different folks in this future brave new world.
    At least that's what somebody wants us to believe -- of course the actual scientific truths might be a bit stretched...


  4. ...and of course, all the above is affiliated with: MLM!!

    which of course is quite popular in a certain state, and which has been trying to get legislation passed to decrease regulations

    Like I said: Obama's old meat, GOP had to be dumb enough to hype up this new meat -- that is just ripe with a lot of juicy maggots it seems. What did the conservative punditry expect? If he wins, what does the conservative punditry expect? Not as though people weren't warned -- Mitt's the perfect vehicle to take down the GOP, and the Tea Party, and the right leaning libertarians, and the conservative movement...but hey, he's just great; he's golden, without flaw -- and that lovely delightsome, right?