Monday, October 29, 2012

I Know: Comedy's Not Pretty (But This Is Ridiculous,...)

Ayn Rand Private Access Show from Michaela Watkins

I found this amusing - not funny exactly, but worth a watch. It made me think, in the end, Rand's atheism may be the only part of her philosophy to survive her. That and her stand against racism. She was waaay ahead of her time there - though, in both regards, America is/was pretty backwards, so it might kinda pan out.

Even if you sorta know, this video should make you wonder what Paul Ryan thought he was up to, as he was attempting to indoctrinate his office staff through forcing them to read Atlas Shrugged. (This was before he was eventually cornered and then decided to lie and deny everything. As you all know, lies and public displays of denial always win me over.) I just think Mr. P90X (!) ain't very deep, because - let's face it - some people can't resist searching for someone or something to follow or join, the poor things.

But, still, Rand was a cultist, so WTF? (What kind of atheist turns messianic? In 2008, that was one of the clear signs that Obama was a NewAger,...) Even in this hysteria-fueled wasteland, didn't Ryan ever notice there was something very-wrong with this picture?

If you ask me, that guy holding up the Earth should've done us all a favor and beat Rand to death with it. If that thought upsets you, please, don't bother writing me about it - I've read her, too:

She would've approved - and, most likely, probably liked it.

Oh, the horror! Watching this was like sitting through one of Glenn Reynolds' "important" Plan 9 From Outer Space interviews - just overwhelmingly tragic:

I couldn't stop staring at this guy's forehead!

Whether from the front or the side, and no matter what he's talking about - dumping on Romney in as smug a fashion as a liberal can get - it's all pretty useless, coming from below that mesmerizing, hypnotizing, zombifying orb that spins above his eyes. (It does spin, doesn't it?) That thing's HUGE. Which brings up a question:

Don't these Zombie Apocalypse-obsessed mutants have friends to warn them away from getting in front of a camera?

If somebody was smart (I know - big "if") this video would be marketed to breast-implant clinics - as a silent film - so prospective clients know what to shoot for. Or it could be used as target practice, for when the Zombie Apocalypse really does arrive, or some poor woman is contemplating her escape from Beta-Male Mediocrity Hell. Since it's influence is so vast - like this guy's bald spot - she won't even have to learn anything about aiming:

Just working up the courage to fire will be enough.

Now, here's an example of comedy - and true knowledge - presented so that, whatever the rest of these losers do, you can't be led astray and convinced to start mistaking the two. Never forget:

We proper "intellectuals" have always got standards,...

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  1. You know, back before I met my future husband, I dated a guy remarkably similar to Mr. Whedon (even down to the large forehead, not as big as this guy's but definitely Flipperesque). He even did yoga -- at the time I was attempting to be open minded, to "explore the more 'cultural' and 'sophisticated' aspects of my life...because people told me I needed to get over my hillbilly roots.
    It was, I suppose, an interesting adventure -- the plays were boring, most of the art shows similar, but who doesn't like wine (there was an unfortunate shortage of it, but oh well, at least it was there). And of course, I was young and it did get me approval from my academic peers...this new turn towards culture and sophistication (although the guy's manners sucked the big one).
    The final denouement of this relationship (which also consisted of healthy food and 'going into nature' in the most prissy way I considered possible) anyway, the final denouement came when he decided it might be fun to "go check out" a bar in my home town (which was probably a big mistake, because while he might have been able to handle a couple of glasses of the latest "hot" pinot grigio, he certainly couldn't take pounding Night Train)...I wound up having to physically defend a six foot tall man from a couple of bikers that he stupidly decided to piss off.
    And that's when I realized that his organic food, yoga, and latest trendy whatever had never really mattered for much to me really, that I had been conning myself into this whole thing; that he was actually one of the most boring and intellectually un-curious, and ignorant people I'd ever met (educated, but stupid, make sense?)...and now I was having to risk a getting my own ass kicked thanks to a prissy, clueless idiot who as a man 1) shouldn't have started any shit; 2) shouldn't be leaving his date to protect him (nor could he fix anything for shit, and also had an aversion to getting his hands dirty or callused in a proper, not gym membership manner...I could feel sorry for him or whoever he wound up with, but piss on that because they act superior and condescending, what a bunch of bullshit).

    And so I broke up with him, and went back to being a hillbilly and happy with that choice.
    The college world definitely educated me, but maybe not in the way they intended.

    Any way, a funny story from my life -- in a comedy of errors kind of way I suppose. The confrontation with the bikers was at least youtube worthy.