Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thinking Of What We Haven't Had To Deal With: Nuts

Is it any wonder the Republicans can make peace with the Mormons when we've recently seen one Republican after another - each on the science committee - recently dining on fruitcake with Mitt Romney, the man who sought to prove he loves "basic science" by stating A) cold fusion is a way to "conduct electricity"B) cold fusion has been invented by his cult, and C) the only problem with the cult's obvious success in this endeavor is they just haven't been able to duplicate yet.

Forget the scientists who checked the Mormon's work and declared them "incompetent" and delusional," brainy types know being in a coven of idiotic fantasists can't be the problem. Why, I had one Althouse Hillbilly after another, lining up to remind me Romney can say such insane things because he "doesn't have a degree in physics," as apparently they don't either. Or any common sense. Or even a rudimentary understanding of that "basic science" they and Mitt love so much. Tell me:

Is there a degree for being able to immediately spot crazy talk? 

 If there is - man - my college career would've soared,...

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  1. Sadly, there is no such degree.

    Do you ever feel the temptation, when faced with this stuff, to just tell people "the 14th century just called; they said they want their leeches and flagellants back"?

    Do you ever get the impression that the common day laborer was probably less ignorant, more cultured, and just generally smarter than most people who hold advanced degrees now?

    It has crossed this hillbilly's (real, certified, actually have lived the lifestyle...those folks are not hillbillies -- they'd die after 48 hrs. away from modern conveniences, because they have no sense...I don't care how much prepper prep Glenn Beck has likely sold them on or how much the hippy organic stuff they claim to buy at Whole Foods) brain from time to time.