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Let's Be Clear, Ladies: I'm The Only One Who Does The Crazy Ranting Around Here (Insuring No Jews Get Hurt)

Let's start with a quote from crazy Camille Paglia, and assess the accuracy of what Ann Althouse says is "a fine rant":
I was very excited about [Obama]. I thought he was a moderate. I thought that his election would promote racial healing in the country.

“My good blog friend The Crack Emcee at The Macho Response rants 
but that's his style and he's good at it."

 --Panda Bear, M.D.

Humpf! With an M.D. after his name or no M.D., nobody ever assumed I'd promote "healing" of any kind - I ain't the "healing" type. (Paglia's currently selling the idea that George Lucas and Madonna are The Greatest Artists Of Our Time - Whoo Boy, Howdy! There is no life left in us! Medic! We are GONE!) Anyway, Althouse is next, commenting on Paglia's supposedly "fine rant":
This is how I felt, when I voted for Obama in 2008. Except I wouldn't say I was "very excited." I wasn't caught up in the ecstasy. I thought it was the better bet,,...

I'm so surprised. Let's look at that "better bet" rationally, shall we? 

 War hero, long-serving United States Senator, etc., who leans on his own Republican Party's excesses

Yeah, we lost that bet - but neither of these female professors has taken any blame for the further ruination of the country. That would be too direct, too blunt, too real. (You ever tried hitting on one of those types of women?) Reality ain't the problem, it's their need for self-delusion.

When NewAgers are dissatisfied with themselves, they escape whoever shows how dumb they are, not to learn but basically to do more damage.

It's the essence of NewAge. Especially for feminists. Everything's expendable, and self-criticism is utterly worthless. Crazy is empowering. Reality can't hold a candle to the political strategy of seeing what you want to believe and acting on it.

I have mentioned feminism is NewAge, haven't I? Or does anyone think all this "Gaia" and "Goddess" talk just popped out of nowhere? Please. These are female dreams of "ancient teachings":

In their minds, this is a woman-ruled planet, lorded over by "Mother Nature," and men are their lowly pawns, to be moved around at will, replacing one "better bet" for another. Men are not actual people, or the people who actually built this place, but stepping-stones to female success, lucky to carry their weight.

And since this balkanized bitch-fest has taken hold in the West, things have slid downhill. But not to worry - it's her hill. No "real" men allowed - just their boyfriends.

And before I forget, let's note Ann Althouse "wasn't caught up in the ecstasy" of 2008 (nor, presumably, was Camille) or that it wasn't "ecstasy" but cultish political hysteria, or that - whatever you want to call it - women didn't let such odd behavior deter them from voting like those "caught up" in it. Because that's critical thinking for you:

You see the madness, right in front of your eyes, but you go along with it anyway - all the while claiming you've made a "rational choice."

At least that's the way it's playing out nowadays. Here's the title of another recent post that finds Ann mocking the obvious:
"The Emptiest Candidate in Presidential Election History: Mitt Romney truly believes in nothing."

On this one Ann begins with the words "They've got nothing on him." A personal assessment no doubt, written because she's never heard the term "Flip-Flopper," or would ever print anything "they" do have on him. Take Romney biographer Ronald B. Scott:
"As president of the Boston stake, Romney owed church leaders a consultation before doing anything that might cause them trouble. In October or November 1993, he went to Salt Lake City to meet with them and explain the abortion position he was going to take. He told them he would say that he opposed abortion personally but that such private beliefs shouldn't be imposed on others. If he didn't frame his position as pro-choice, he'd lose. Many of the church leaders were unhappy with Romney's formulation. But if they wanted him in the Senate, this was the best they were going to get."

Romney's a bought-and-sold member of a spiritual cult of political shape-shifters, but not a word from Ann concerning their ambitions ("they wanted him in the Senate"). Instead, now that so many want Romney in the White House - just like in 2008 - we're back to pretending "They've got nothing" on someone else. They're all clean, until they get elected, it seems.

Here's another of Glenn Reynolds' glorious fellow nut jobs, Michelle Malkin, this time mocking a member of Glenn Reynolds' "Four Horsemen" configuration:
"Mormon-basher Andrew Sullivan: ‘Romney belonged to white supremacist church’"

Is this even in question? Or that the LDS was a "white supremacist church" while Romney was an adult? Was Sullivan Mormon-bashing or stating fact? It's as much of the former as Malkin's claim that "real reporter" Juan Williams used "misogynist rhetoric," when saying Ann Romney's story of youthful poverty was "phony." A claim that was since been borne out.

 They're so cute when they're angry.

What I noticed, in both cases, is there's never been a statement of wrong-doing by Malkin, nor any retraction of her slanderous claims, nor even so much as a word of apology. Not only has one not been offered, but it doesn't have to be made in a society (if I must call this unethical collective a society) where none is expected. This is the world they've created - but expect to be loved for.

Why Does Everyone Hate Women?

Post-feminism? Really? Come on. You're kidding me, right?

Let's move to Peggy Noonan - she's got another whopper in the hopper. This time it's "When Americans Saw the Real Obama." I would've thought, since Noonan was an enthusiastic Obama supporter four years ago (like Althouse and Paglia) she'd wonder aloud about why and/or how she missed what's been right under her nose the whole time. No such luck. There's not a single "Come To Jesus" moment in her entire piece. Nope, she's still Brilliantly Observant Peggy, who just happened to let this "strangely clueless" man run an elaborate ruse past her - by being exactly the same person he's always been.

Sound familiar?

Even after reading Obama's book, saying he lets people see what they want in him, self-delusion isn't a part of Noonan's (or Althouse's or Paglia's or Malkin's) formulation of what's been happening with them. Few seem capable of considering it. This level of rationalization's a real skill. I've seen it before - displayed by many others who've all appreciated a good scream, mixed with a dose of mass insanity, now and then. NewAge marches on, but it never changes.
Guy Liddell diaries: Hitler's rant on how he was deceived by 'everyone' during his last days in Berlin bunker.

Ha! I shouldn't be too hard on poor Peggy - everyone's scared - and, as we've seen, far from alone. 

What's the only "Final Solution" now?

 To keep making as much fucking sense as everybody else,...

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  1. Camille Paglia: a stunning example of how a very erudite and perceptive person can also be stupid as hell.

    It's a pity really. Although she should know better, so no excuse.