Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mitt & Ann: The President And First Lady Of Quackery

This is my nation's current front-runner for president, Mitt Romney.

This is Mitt and his lovely wife, Ann - no, wait,….

This is Big Bird - no, wait,…shit, I need a close-up:

Ah yes, THIS is definitely Ann Romney. 

Ann's campaigning as a sweetheart with Multiple Sclerosis, though her doctor, Dr. Howard Weiner of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, has said it's in remission.

This is fine.

What's odd is that - while she sits on the board of the New England chapter of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society - it's reported she does cranial-sacral therapy, deep-breathing exercises, yoga, "practices" reflexology, and undergoes acupuncture and acupressure.

Meanwhile, the details of these "treatments" are ignored for telling us about her work with horses.

Why is this odd you ask?

Because a quick look at MS websites gives us advice like this:

Quackery kills. The desire for a cure can lead one to false hopes. Avoid Multiple Sclerosis Quackery,...

The MS Caregiver site I linked to, above, also suggests we visit Quackwatch, which says "Be Wary of Multiple Sclerosis 'Cures'" and - more to the point of our discussion - "Craniosacral therapy is quackery."


As we know, Ann's husband, Mitt, has said trees grow to a "right height" by state, Jesus will be taking up residence in Missouri, and cold fusion was proven by his fellow cultists as a way to "conduct electricity" (though it "hasn't been duplicated yet").

What's not as well-known is that he's a Mormon who sells supplements - working under a wonderful Mormon-initiated-and-sheltered law called DSHEA or “sell whatever you want, just don’t let us catch you” - a business model that is known in the scienced-based medicine community (along with Craniosacral therapy) as Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, or S.C.A.M..

Some also say Mitt's campaigning on Medical Quackery.

In some quarters, this deception is called "being good with money," if not your fellow Americans.

In other quarters, Mitt and Ann Romney are into occultism, quackery, and New Age Therapies.

I guess they figure it's lose-lose to talk about it, no matter which way they go,...

Since they (or their cult) have never persued anything even remotely resembling rationality or truth.

I wish them all the best,… 


  1. So what's wrong with a little ineffective/destructive stupid quackery if it makes a person think he feels maybe good sometimes for a while, especially if someone makes money from it? Damn, we did it in 2008; why can't we do it again in 2012? What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Mr. Rational -- oh, I have no idea. Surely it will work THIS time!


    *I've lost "friends" over this too...over two stupid politicians (of course, one could say that this is a left handed blessing: if your friends are willing to un-friend you over stuff like this they probably weren't good friends to begin with, so there's that).