Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm Still Sick (A Perfect Way To Look At The World)

Well I tried to make it Sunday, but I got so damn depressed 
That I set my sights on Monday and I got myself undressed,..
--America, Sister Golden Hair 

Needless to say, with this head cold, that didn't work out. Though I did raise a smile when my supervisor (female) asked if I was wearing a painter's mask because I was sick - I told her no, it was simply becoming too damned obvious my good looks were interfering with her work performance. Whoo-boy, what a card! (Who says I'm not fun-loving?)

I also got great reviews for my job commitment, I'm happy to say.

So what's going on out there? Kind of a mixed bag:

Arnold Schwarzenegger finally admitted he admired Hitler, which got me to thinking A) it is really difficult for most people to own up to their bullshit - he said he loved Der Fuhrer back in 1975 - and B) is it any wonder, as often as I've made the NewAge/Nazi connection, California's culture elected Arnie to office? It was like flies to honey.

Well, actually more like flies to flies, but whatever.

I almost don't want to write about the presidential race, it's become so silly since Obama's debate debacle. Today, Matt Drudge is headlining an Andrew Sullivan piece, as though the man who had conspiracy theories about Sarah Palin's womb is an opinion maker worth noting. (Do the words "consider the source" mean anything anymore? Obviously not,…)

Even Ann Althouse has gotten in on the conspiracy theory game, and - considering she and Sullivan are part of Glenn Reynolds' circle - that should tell you what kind of "thinking" our most elite bloggers are marinating in during this election.

It's completely bonkers - not just that they'll go there, but that anyone would respect their opinion after they do so.

[Click to enlarge]

I mean, consider this answer from Abigail Fisher, a young woman recently smeared as a racist by The Houston Chronicle's Mike Tolson:
"I was taught from the time I was a little girl that any kind of discrimination was wrong."
Now compare that to Glenn Reynolds' answer to Ann Althouse when she charged him with stirring up racial animosities:
"There’s an instrumental argument that folks on the right need to take this into account, but beyond that, I confess I don’t much care."

Come on - who should be the "thought leader" here?

Of course, this sudden diminishment of mental capacity is based solely on the fact this is an election year and - despite the Right's post-debate big talk - both sides are clearly desperate.

Right now the conservatives appear happily delusional - forgetting it's just a matter of time before Romney receives another message from the planet "Kolob" - while the Dems are coming to terms with the idea of unloading on the American people what it means to elect a Mormon.

[Click to enlarge]

Doonesbury is leading the Left's assault, with a new segment on Romney's time in France ("Young Mitt prepares for a life of annoying people,…") but even gay Republicans are getting in on the act, and I can't leave out the best diss of the campaign so far, delivered by - not Harry Reid - but Snoop Dogg:
"He's a Mormon but he ain't got no hoes."

Tonight, FRONTLINE has a documentary on the candidates that Businessweek says "views Romney as a shape- shifting businessman" who "rarely spoke of his great-grandfather’s five wives and 30 children." Naturally:

Considering regular Republicans started the nomination process with "Anyone But Mitt," Romney probably wouldn't want to give away the nature of his main voting block so soon,…


  1. Maybe you need some of that there Destiny Deep Sea Water:


    And any commentary on that is likely a good fill-in for how I feel about the elections or any social/political/cultural stuff going on right now.
    And it's a damn crying shame that people are thumping on Stacey Dash for being Black and supporting Mitt(my understanding is that your skin color/ethnic makeup/etc. does not protect you from dumb ideas), when what they should be thumping her with is that "character" comment: what character? she thinks Mitt has character? That lady needs some education in what constitutes the thing she's talking about, methinks.


    *or Snoop Dogg doing a really bad rendition of a not so good Metallica song...and people blindly going along with it instead of calling it what it really is: tear jerkingly bad...wtf? we've lost the ability to say "this really sucks" now?

  2. "Restoring health to the navel,..."

    Jesus, some people,....

  3. My navel is perfectly healthy -- cleaned it out last time I showered!

    And thanks to this blog my child cannot understand why she got such a drastic response when she brought up that she might try yoga as a way to change up her work out regime (she has to work out, given the nature of her employment)...fortunately she has reconsidered (probably because she doesn't want to hear me freaking out at her).LOL!
    Oh...I feel like I'm hemmed in by the walking dead sometimes...and they're after my kids!


  4. PW - don't feel paranoid! "They" are not just after you and your kids, they're after anyone stupid enough to believe what they're selling, and that's because ultimately they are after themselves, seeking without learning, finding anything but themselves.

  5. Thanks, and the rational side of me knows what you're saying.
    It just landed at my doorstep...yoga demons begone!

    The problem is they may be after themselves, but they take the rest of us down with them in the search attempt -- no freaking boundaries (or even the good taste to not bother other people with their hangups); pisses me off...and they hurt people...really pisses me off...while claiming to be enlightened special cupcakes "like children newly born"...really, really, really pisses me off (and brings out the murderous, old bitch side of my nature that I wrestle with so as to try and be a good person).


  6. PW - "It just landed at my doorstep"
    The REAL problem is that it is universally pervasive. It is not just yoga. It's all the other quackery, religionists, feminazis, politicians, "educators," healers, etc., etc. (Just ask Crack.) They all want a piece of you and your family. They respect not you, but what they can get from you, what they can take from you, or how they can change you (all under the pretense that it's better for you, for your children, for society with little regard for individuality).

    And don't think you can get away from it in your own house on your own property. You don't own it - you're only a renter. Think what happens if you don't pay the rent (taxes). They'll take it away from you and let some other renter take your place.

    Sorry for the depressing rant. There are still pleasures in this world, but we must seek them within ourselves.