Thursday, November 13, 2008

Study: Women Grow Up (When They Grow Up)

"Women over the age of 50 may be less frisky, less nimble and less cute but, as if by way of compensation, they are also a lot less bitchy.

Or so say the scientists whose report, published this week by the Royal Society, studied 100 ladies of a certain age and concluded that, when compared with younger women, we’re a lovely bunch of sweethearts."

-- Carol Sarler, making TMR think some men married too early, in The Daily Mail.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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  1. AND we no longer have the asenine excuse, "i'm a b***h because i have PMS! let me emotionally abuse you for one week a month!" yes, i have friends who are routinely cruel to their husbands AND children 1/4 of their lives. if you can't control your cruelty, go lock yourself in your room during "your time". I get PMS like we all do, but have the mental fortitude to lay off your loved ones, ladies!