Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Don't Even Know Who You Are Anymore

I'm playing Instapundit today, but I'll be playing which yo mamma tonight - and the results will be beautiful:

"You know how they say that religion is the opiate of the masses? Well, I took masses of opiates religiously."

Great line.

It's the craziest thing: if I stay here and pound away at this, my stats go up. Announce that I can't do it as much, my stats go down. Then, when I actually walk away from it, my stats go back up - wildly. Anybody got an idea why?

I need to find the key to online success,...'cause this sure ain't it:

null - Watch more free videos

I helped a lady with MS yesterday and it did me a lot of good. Her too. If you ask me, it sure beats Obama's recovery plan. (You guys do know the stuff in red text are links, don't you? Based on some e-mails I'm getting, I'm starting to wonder,'s the internet, you idiots - click on something! It'll "enhance your experience",...or so "they" say.)

Speaking of Obama, he looks about 12-years old standing behind that "Office of the President-Elect" thingy. Did he make it himself? Michelle should put a gold star on their refrigerator for him.

BTW, I heard him giving a speech, today, where he sent a message to the "workers of the world" - but I'm supposed to believe he's not a socialist. Sure he's not a socialist,... He can't even keep their rhetoric out of his mouth.

And my roomy thinks socialism itself is a cult. Yea: we have some very interesting debates at my house.

Jesus, who's cutting this guy's hair?

Look into his eyes - and not at that thing on his head.

I repeat,...

South Korea wants to throw folks in jail for adultery. Considering the mental prison it locks the cuckolded spouse in, possibly for years, I don't think it's altogether a bad idea. Why should the cheating bitch or bastard have all the fun?

This photo is from an adultery case in Kenya. (And here I was thinking they were behind us in everything.) See what a clear understanding (and close encounter with) nazi-like NewAge thinking does to people who aren't in it? I'm actually getting off on punishment now,...that's what I really call "changing the vibration of the planet"!'s Glenn Greenwald has noticed that TIME's Joe Klein changes his mind. A Democrat who's hypocritical and won't stay on point? Stop the presses. No, really. Just stop 'em. They're worthless now.

If you ask me, "hypocrisy", "liberal", and "Democrat" go together waaay too nicely.

One more thing: the list of the 10 most violent American cities came out and they're all run by Democrats. Methinks those guys who started buying guns when Obama got elected see the writing on the country's walls.

Christopher Hitchens doesn't think Hillary should be Secretary of State. Hey - this is the "change" he voted for - and, as a new American, it's a pretty lame way for him to have started out.

"Guys are known a lot more for what they do than for what they look like. In fact, male vanity has long been suspect. That's why they had a program called 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.' If you dress too well, you must be gay."

Or French. Or something weird.

From the I-Told-You-So Dept.:

"Global Warming Predictions Overestimated-- Its a Hoax."

Yea, and a NewAge hoax at that. El Stupido.

"Progressives will continue to lose until we can successfully relabel LGBT rights a civil-rights issue situated firmly within the context of other civil-rights struggles, not an issue mired in the culture-war swamp of moral controversy."

Yea, good luck with that. Maybe, at some point, you folks should try making sense, never know:

It just might work.

Canada's new Minister of State for Science and Technology is a chiropractor and acupuncturist. They should change his office title to Minister of State for Quackery and Pseudoscience now, no?

This photo's labeled "Moose" but all I see is "cameltoe" - and lots of it,...scary.

"Happy" people don't watch television. "Happy" people also don't get to see Adult Swim. And that's the moral of this story: "Happy" people are stupid people who grin a lot.

Their sofa is haunted. And so are their minds. I'd say it's a case for "Doctor" Robert Wohlfahrt!!!

Scientology’s "Stress Test" Is A Scam? No way! Why, those "nice" NewAgers would never do anything like that, riiight? Sure: suck my nuts, you fucking nuts.

News Flash: lap-dancing isn’t sexual.

Using NewAge logic, I believe it: I was married for 20 years to a NewAge cylon who didn't think marriage meant loving each other for life either - even after she made me promise and everything. (It's all about how you look at it, I guess.) And no: I couldn't find a picture with a female robot. There just wasn't enough time to get it right.

And finally, the right Reverend Jeremiah Wright is still talking a mile-a-minute.

And, yep, we can all thank God for that.

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