Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Truth Is I'm Sending My Always-Underdressed Secretary: YOU Deal With Her

"The fact is that there is a vocal political/cultural interest group promoting this silliness as part of a politically correct agenda that I don't particularly agree with.

The imposition of training that has a political cast violates my academic freedom and my rights as a tenured professor. The university has already nullified my right to supervise my laboratory and the students I teach. It has threatened my livelihood and, ultimately, my position at the university. This for failing to submit to mock training in sexual harassment, a requirement that was never a condition of my employment at the University of California 30 years ago, nor when I came to UCI 11 years ago.

Interestingly, I have received many letters of encouragement -- about 25% of them from women. The comments have been rich with words like 'demeaning,' 'oppressive,' 'politically driven' and 'indoctrination.' Other phrases included 'unctuous twaddle' and 'sanctimonious half-wits.'"

-- Alexander McPherson, professor of molecular biology and biochemistry at UC Irvine's school of biological sciences, explaining why he won't go to "sexual harassment training", in (of all places) the politically correct Los Angeles Times.

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