Monday, November 17, 2008

The Macho Response: Maria Bamford

Alright! Another comedian has got it!

C'mon, you bastards, who insist that cults only exist on the fringe of society - not recruiting in the suburbs: call me a crazy liar now!!!

This is Maria Bamford and she's spinning on cults - yes, cults! - she even says the word out loud! Annnnd, she goes on to nail a bunch of the signs TMR's been mentioning, including that creepy question of Buddhists and all the other assorted crazies out there: "What are you afraid of?" (Ladies and Gentlemen, whenever anyone comes off like they've some answer to life and asks you that question, that's your tip-off they've been indoctrinated into *something kooky* and have already entered the dangerously crazy stage, so - no matter how "peaceful" they claim to be - run the other way!!!) This clip also includes that regularly-heard word from the Obama campaign: "creepy". Isn't it weird how the people involved in cults don't see that about themselves? Talk about missing the clue-train.

Anyway, enjoy Maria's take on it all because, otherwise, this shit ain't funny.


And isn't it wild how I (a black guy from South Central, Los Angeles) can see it, and Maria can see it, BUT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA - AND THAT SUPER-LARGE SWATH OF THE (LIBERAL) PUBLIC THAT SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT THIS DAILY - SEES NOTHING?!?

It's simply amazing. But then, not really, because (and this is the truly amazing part:) they're in it already. They're just waiting for the rest of us to come around, here's TMR's message to them - again:

Don't hold your breath, Losers.

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