Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Thanksgiving Day Parade (And The Game)

"I happen to think the media is up to a bit of mischief here.  I think the media wants to take Sarah Palin and make her, subliminally, the face of the Republican party,...because it amuses them to do that,...the media is playing a little game there."

-- Peggy Noonan, taking a guess - as if we needed more proof - the media is America's enemy, attempting to actively manipulate public opinion, on News Busters.

Not true, you say? Couldn't be, you (continually) cry? Then how do you explain this turkey?:

Hat Tip: Hot Air

So yea - it's "Turkey Day" - and I, for one, will have no bird with all the fixin's.

I've also got no wife (but lots of wonderful memories of her adultery).

And I've got no family (but lots of wonderful memories of foster homes).

And - especially now that my ex-wife and her (Herr?) "doctor" have turned out to be as creepily kooky as I've always said - I've got few "friends" who can now look me in the eye because (after a lifetime of trying to do the right thing) they ruthlessly abandoned me while advancing the NewAge theory that I, as the wrong kind of "macho" man, had to have done something to chase such a wonderful woman away.

And, yet, I'm still thankful for many things - starting with being done with the whole lying (and always cheating) lot of them.

I'm thankful to be an American.

I'm thankful to not be a stupid liberal (or a stupid conservative) and I'm thankful I've still got my health - no thanks to my ex and her (Herr?) "doctor". (Hey Karine: remember that SURGERY I was supposed to get after you started kanoodling with that asshole? Still hasn't happened, bitch. Thanks a lot for bringing so much NewAge "peace and love" into my life and the world. Good job, babe!)

Shit, where was I?

Oh yea - I'm thankful for the friends who've stuck by me. And I'm thankful for my new friends (online and off).

Because of you, though my music career has been (temporarily) halted, for obviously personal reasons, I don't need a motivational guru to go on.

(Hell, at this point, a decent job offer would do it.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is (again) even though I'm sitting all alone in a cold room with my floor covered in old newspapers, typing away at an increasingly rickety 5-year old computer - once again trying to make a coherent connection with an outside world I increasingly feel more and more disconnected from - I can still find a lot to be grateful for in my life.

I don't need a belief system, or tradition, or "all the trimmings".

To my fellow Americans - especially to those liberals who, by luck of the draw, have so much more - I want you to take only one lesson from this post:

Listening to your empty bitchin' (whether for the last 8 years - or now that you've discovered conservatives will vomit up the results of the accumulated poison-in-black-face you've been shoving down our throats) certainly does nothing to help a situation like mine.

But then, even for your increasingly precious blacks, being a comfort (to anyone who doesn't believe your bullshit) has never been what NewAge was after, was it? Hell no.

So Zeig Heil, motherfuckers, you don't fool me for a second - and you'd better know for me, despite losing this last battle, The Big Game is still going on:

Stuff your face with it.

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