Monday, November 24, 2008

Never Heard Of It

"There is still such a thing, after all, as Google."
-- Victor Davis Hanson, on the "surreal" way Obama is reneging on the foolish campaign promises the angry Left (and the press) elected him to implement - and how the angry Left (and - *sigh* - members of the press) can discover why, exactly, Obama may be doing that - in The National Review.

Before you rebels go doing the "hard work" of searching on Google for information (without, presumably, knowing what you're looking for) TMR is glad to start you off by showing you the equally "surreal" upside-down nature of your present political assumptions here, here, and here.

Sorry, Folks, but you'll have to crawl through the rest of the site - and your mind - to discover more (about how you've been fooled) on your own:

I be too biz-zy coming up with shit like biz-zy.