Monday, November 17, 2008

Downfall: The Housing Bubble

I'm only putting this up to highlight something that's bothered me for a while now: as all this talk of the "victims" of the mortgage crisis has gone on, with pundits talking about how "Americans have been living outside of their means" and such, one thing has been left out - the utter corruption at the very heart of a good segment of our society. Just listen to this rant about how the people involved were thinking - they were going to play everyone else for suckers!

Are these the folks the rest of America is supposed to feel sorry for? Should we be bailing them out? Should we care at all? They certainly didn't care about those of us who think right and wrong matter, and try to play by the rules.

It's truly a shame that so many so-called "Americans" have lost touch with it's essential character - with it's virtues - with what made it what it is. So many that our entire country has been forced to struggle because they couldn't resist the lure of easy money, easy answers, a search for "suckers" (by the lenders and the buyers) and a herd mentality (cultism?) - as opposed to hard work, individualism, and a desire to do well by your fellow man. And now all of us will have to pay the price, generations maybe, as these assholes re-learn those obvious, timeless, lessons the hard way.

And since so few of them understand the useful concept of shame today, the people who caused this mess will just "move on", thinking whatever happened just "happened", and as long as the Democrats will pin the blame on the Republicans - who tried, repeatedly, to stop it - they're O.K., because nobody's looking at them. But I know history will tell the tale one day.

Still, you'll have to excuse me but, in the meantime, right now - in the present - I'm going to have to go outside and kick something. Hard.

I hope I don't break my foot.

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