Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Too Bad Investigative Reporting Is Dead

"She could hardly have picked a more appropriate guru."
-- Ryan Tate, on The Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington and her "guru", John-Roger - who she sends her workers to for "training" - though he was described (by The Los Angeles Times) as "often angry, vindictive and bizarre" (just like Arianna) according to Gawker.

Well, well, well.

As usual, TMR keeps saying we're surrounded by cultists and America is now infiltrated with them, but - just like with Jim Jones and The People's Temple - all the pundits keep saying, "Oh, no, nothing like that could be happening." And, yet, the clear-as-a-bell signs keep coming: Arianna's sinister proclamations, outlandish tales of crazy beliefs - and silly upside-down accusations showing up on her website; her writers committing heinous murders, and acting out in public. But, still, very few others are saying anything - especially nothing in depth about the various connections between the various groups - except to deny (despite the evidence of all kinds) there's any cultism at work here.

But there is cultism at work here, and it's got a vice-like grip on the minds of the highest echelons (and I do mean the highest) of the American Left's taste-makers and political insiders. Make no mistake about it: the cult-like fervor surrounding Barack Obama's candidacy was no accident:

And they now have the White House.

Enjoy the next 4 years, kids, you earned it.

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