Friday, November 14, 2008

Michael Steele As RNC Chair: Yawn

"Michael Steele officially threw his hat in the ring for the RNC chair, a position that has already generated a lot of speculation after the second straight Republican defeat in national elections. Steele confirmed his decision,...on Hannity & Colmes last night. He said the past election was the culmination of Republican self-doubt."

-- Ed Morrissey, failing to notice how conventional and mediocre Michael Steele is, and, thus, blowing so much Hot Air.

Michael Steele's a nice guy but come ON. It's time for the party to look outside the usual ranks (their other choice was - surprise! - Newt Gingrich). It's time for the GOP to look to us bloggers, and other "Joe The Plumber" types with a fire under them, because the game's been changed by cultism and it's going to take a new spirit of conservatism that understands this landscape - not just conservatives, or conservatives-in-blackface - to turn this sucker around.

Look, I've done this: I've got black people to think in a new way about conservative principles, and even got them to want to run me for office (which I want no part of) and if the Republican Party is gonna get it's mojo back, then TMR thinks it needs to find more new passionate people to plot it's course and deliver it's message.

And, sorry kids, but "nice guy" Michael Steele ain't it.

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