Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Macho Response: Mark Foley

Former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., was interviewed a couple of days ago about life after those computer messages to former male pages on Capitol Hill, "just to free himself from the media clamoring for his first interview", and TMR is impressed. Unlike some men who messed up but continue to defiantly parade their hypocrisy before us (Bill Clinton, Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa, John Edwards) Mr. Foley seems to be giving what he's done some serious thought - and to be truly sorry.

While not all of his answers pass the smell test - which can happen when someone is working through serious personal issues - no one should doubt that's what Mr. Foley appears to be doing:
"There was never anywhere in those conversations where someone said, 'Stop,' or 'I'm not enjoying this,' or 'This is inappropriate' ... but again, I'm the adult here, I'm the congressman. The fact is I allowed it to happen. That's where my responsibility lies."
When was the last time you've ever heard a politician talk like that? True, Mr. Foley is a Republican - the party with actual standards of behavior and less tolerance for hypocrisy - but still, Mr. Foley seems to be going deeper than even his party demands, and, for a formally very-public person ("attending lavish parties and fundraisers with the likes of Donald Trump, Jay Leno, and actress Bo Derek") this is not only to his credit but almost unheard of. He's doing what's supposed to be the hard work of re-building his character the old fashioned way: by just getting on with it and doing it.

This blog spends a lot of time trying to encourage clear thinking and personal responsibility, and it's an extremely proud day when TMR can point to a Gay man and say it's found a standard bearer for the very behavior it wants to see exemplified out there. Mark Foley's been hurting, but he's also not fooling around (no pun intended) and, in doing so, he's showing a lot of integrity, and for that he has the full support of this conservative.

Good luck, Mr. Foley - I'm rooting for you.



  1. Man, only you could praise a Republican child molester and damn a Democrat who got a blow job!

  2. Lee,

    Man, you can be a real idiot:

    Mark Foley didn't molest anyone, he merely sent some instant messages - Clinton (committing adultery) took advantage of an intern and then told everyone she was crazy, causing them to treat her as an insane pariah. He also ruthlessly abandoned her to a whole nasty legal process - after she blew him - showing what kind of man he is.

    Mark Foley told the truth when he was busted and resigned - Clinton lied to everyone until the stained dress was produced and then, still, took the entire nation through impeachment and that stupid "it depends on what the definition if 'is' is" nonsense, losing his law license in the process.

    Mark Foley has been shunned - Clinton wasn't, but has been raised up as some kind of I-don't-know-what (It'll take a Democrat to define it.) and causing, at least, half the country to engage with him in some kind of weird, decades-long, kabuki fan dance with the truth of what a sleaze he is.

    Mark Foley accepts full responsibilty for what he's done and he's truly sorry - "Slick Willie" is just getting away with what he can.

    And, finally, Bill Clinton killed Ricky Ray Recktor - and Mark Foley has never done anything as heinous as that.

  3. Mark Foley didn't molest anyone - you know that, do you? His trolling for young boys was never successful, so it's OK? And you call ME an idiot!

    Bill Clinton killed Ricky Ray Recktor - show us the indictment or at least real evidence, and I dont mean some accusation, either.

    Clinton went after adult women, and hes a Democrat, so hes fair game. Foley went after young boys, but hes a Republican so you forgive him. Youre a perfect example of whats wrong with the Republican party nowdays. And calling me or anyone else an idiot isnt going to change that.

  4. Yes, Lee, I do call you an idiot and you prove why with each post:

    1) You're condemning Mark Foley on your assumption he did something more - though no pages have come forward to say he did anything but send messages. (They were the ones who busted him, y'know,...) That's not only un-American, on it's face, but revealing of what's going on in your mind, sick little thing that it is.

    2) As far as you asking me to show you proof of Ricky Ray Recktor, I have some advice for you: look it up yourself, you idiot. It's not some state secret, and I'm not your babysitter. Jeez, you really take the cake on that one: you've got enough time to dick around calling me names but not enough to use Wikipedia or Google? That not only reveals you as an idiot but a dick.

    3) "Clinton went after adult women" - but what did he do with them afterwards, Lee? You don't mention that, or the fact not all of them wanted his attentions. Very nice compartmentalization you do there. That, BTW, is a sign of mental disturbance: I'd get it checked.

    4) I said I'm behind Foley because he's doing the hard work without trying to bullshit anyone. He's not acting like it didn't happen. He's not offering bullshit excuses. He's not seeking attention. Your focus on his party, and choosing to ignore the difference in how he's dealing with the situation, shows what drives your mind: partisanship and nothing more. You don't see a person but a party. If a Democrat acted like a decent human being, I'd support him too, but it just hasn't happened. They cling to the stage, bringing society down with their example (California's Prop 8 just lost, partially, because of commercials featuring Gavin Newsom) and, ultimately, saying they don't care about anything but power.

    And that, in itself, is weakness.