Saturday, November 22, 2008

NewAge Storm Warning: The Sun's Coming Out

Well now, isn't this (ahem) interesting?

It seems one of America's top pollsters (and newest Obama cult apologist) John Zogby - after polling Obama supporters and discovering they're idiots - doesn't want to poll McCain supporters! (All together now: Awwww!)

Documentary filmmaker, John Ziegler (the guy who paid for the first poll) has offered to pay for the McCain poll, but - if McCain supporters turn out to be better informed (because they're not media suck-ups) - then Zogby would have to foot the bill. By doing it this way, conservatives get a twofer: Ziegler has proven with the first poll the Obama supporters were cultish idiots, led by biased media coverage, and, now, that even the polls (and pollsters) are in the tank. I swear, you can't make this stuff up!

Way to go, Ziegler!

This is just like what I was saying in the last post on homeopaths: as soon as more people start paying attention, then the results never turn out as they wish.

NewAgers are cowards when it comes to the truth of what they know and do. It's what Geoff Gilpin called the Law of Quantum Failure: they always end up working for the other side. That's probably why, until recently, the Republicans have had such a good run.

Still, personally, I've got a bad feeling about all this: the unreality we're living in is starting to remind me too much of my divorce. Everything is being turned inside out, and contradicting itself so much, the seams of the core lie - that Obama was elected fairly or was, in any way, qualified to be president - are starting to fray in some kind of a Freudian way.

It was when too many lies built up that I discovered my ex-wife's cultism and everything else she wasn't telling me - and the same thing appears to be happening now to America. (Didn't I tell you guys I was the canary in the coal mine of the Occult?)

I haven't heard one person, yet, who can defend Obama's election on it's merits - because he has no merits. Instead, they either walk away, angry, or adopt a "he won - deal with it" attitude. I can deal with it but, from what I hear on the other side, not everybody thinks they have to.

NewAgers are intent on making reality conform to their beliefs but (surprise, surprise) reality just doesn't do that. Reality doesn't "care".

Only by lying and cheating can the appearance of reality be changed - and only for a while - then, when enough pressure builds up, reality comes roaring back with a vengeance that can't be stopped. And once that spigot is opened, watch out. I mean, if NewAgers don't care about truth - or anybody else - then, despite their core beliefs, other people stop caring as well.

I've been saying all along that's the situation NewAgers create.

People - Americans especially - don't like discovering they've been betrayed, lied to, and/or manipulated - and the fact NewAgers did it - about, and to, our country - should make the backlash especially vicious. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's already a dead man.

If that happens, the NewAgers will have no one but themselves to blame (but of course, being cultists, they'll blame everyone else) for the death of what is, ultimately, their sacrificial lamb (or as Rush Limbaugh calls him, "The Little Squirrel"). Sure, they'll definitely claim it was because of Obama's race - or the evils of conservatism - anything but their own craven outlook and behavior, though people like me have been outlining it (alongside their howling denials) for years.

Truthfully, no one who's a part of NewAge can claim they aren't, or that I didn't already tell them what was coming: Talk to the hand.

This is "politics" - the real world, life and death, stuff - and ain't nobody playing around now. The NewAgers have struck at the core of the most precious ideals of the country - what it's all about, actually - and that violation, and their deception - and subversion - is coming into focus.

(Wasn't it cute how Obama made a joke about Nancy Reagan's astrologer before proposing psychic-loving Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? No, no, he'll have none of that in his administration, right? Sure, just like his acceptance of Oprah's support hinged on her beliefs,...whoo-hoo, that's a good one.) As Bob Woodward just said, Obama must be "smoking something".

So start repeating your mantras, or whatever you do, kids - the fireworks are about to begin - and NewAgers are gonna need all the protection they can get:

But shouldn't they have known, like vampires, Occult beliefs can't exist in daylight?

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