Thursday, November 6, 2008

To My New French Readers: Get The Facts


Some of you may remember me from around Wissembourg, some not. Since there are a lot of French readers pouring in now, I think I should address them directly and make a few points that may not be clear from the comments I've written, previously, over the years.

This blog is called The Macho Response and that's the way opinions are delivered - that's its "hook" - but to think it's delivery is a picture of the man behind it, when many of you have met me personally, is immature. I am a human being, and an honest man, and (I think) I deserve your understanding while I am dealing with what I can only describe as extremely unusual circumstances. (The authorities contacted me about these latest deaths, I didn't go to them.) France thinks it is dealing with two dead people. I say there are now three - this started with Karine's own mother, Jacqueline Brunck (above) and I think we all need to understand why.

Karine and I are divorced now. I have no reason to lie. I have tried to contact her, through channels, telling her to do the right thing, but have heard no reply. I still think openness and honesty is the best rule for resolving this. I hope you do too. Even one life destroyed by Karine and Robert Wohlfahrt is one too many. I think they ought to be ashamed where their flight from reality has led them.

O.K., here are a few (extra) answers for you:

Do I like France?

Yes, though it can sometimes seem to go against my better judgment. No one can hate an entire country, but during my visits I did make some observations that I found quite disturbing, both as a black man and as an American. A good example is the way French people would suggest white Americans are not "authentic" but blacks and Native Americans are. Or people in the southern states are insane, while people from the coasts - New York and San Francisco - are somehow "sophisticated" and better. As an American, I found these statements insulting and ignorant, revealing a lack of interest in my country as a whole. I love my whole country - the whites as much as everyone else - and to try and break us apart, when evaluating us, goes against the spirit of the United States of America.

Yes, we Americans criticize ourselves without mercy - that openness is part of our strength - but you must understand that we do it with a clear understanding about who we are. Most of you are only guessing about the issues we are debating, and, rather than criticizing from afar, I think you would do better to ask questions so you can become informed about why we do the things we do. That's what I did in your country, and I learned many things that I now correct Americans on when they voice misconceptions about France. It is the only way.

Do I hate Karine?

No, but I am very, very upset with her - and extremely disappointed. I warned her, repeatedly, that her dabbling in NewAge beliefs - and her eventual insistence that she would shove them down the world's throat, starting with mine - would result in just the kind of mayhem that has occurred. Let me say that again: I told her. She can not pretend any of this is a surprise. She was warned. But instead, she decided to cheat on me with this charlatan, Robert Wohlfahrt, saying "I didn't think you'd find out." and sacrificing her mother's life to the beliefs they shared. This is a crime, a tragedy, and a travesty.

Karine Anne Brunck and Robert Wohlfahrt need to pay for what they've done and, I hope, they get help when that happens. They are sick in the head, and part of the sickness is to deny they do not think rationally. Karine's been wrong about this as long as I've known her, and this is just the normal progression of it. I, for one, am not shocked. She's been flirting with death for 20 years.

When I was last in France, Karine and I stayed in the home of Patrick and Christine Kastner of Steinseltz. Christine's mother was very sick with a illness that made her "frozen", unable to move, and I would rub her feet because it made her smile. During that time I told Patrick about how Karine would spend our money excessively, without a care for what I said. That was in 2004. Ask him about me, and what I am saying about this. I am a kind person who does not lie, but is caught in an extremely strange situation after a third of my life was spent with a mad woman.

Patrick has always struck me as an honest man, and I think, if you are looking for the truth and not trying to conduct a witch hunt or a cover-up, he can help you understand that I, too, am an honest man. You must understand that - when it comes to Karine Brunck - things are not what they seem. I understand that the Kastner's are Karine's old friends, so they do not want to believe the worst as well. But I am not asking them to validate anything but what I am saying about myself and what I have told Patrick. Nothing more. They know nothing more, except what Karine has chosen to tell them now that she has destroyed everything. Please don't harrass them, but, for goodness sake, ask Patrick to say what he knows.

And what do I think of "Doctor" Robert Wohlfahrt?

I think he is a sad, lonely man who has gone too far. He told me so on the phone one day, and I think what he has allowed his loneliness to drive him to do is criminal, in a variety of ways. He's lied to Karine's mother, he has lied to Karine, and he is now lying to everyone. He is the very definition of a charlatan, fitting the profile of these criminals perfectly.

If he was a professional doctor, it would be impossible for him to be a "homeopath" (which goes against science and medicine) or sleep with Karine (which goes against medical ethics) or to do it so soon after the death of her mother (which goes against the teachings of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, who he supposedly works within the guidelines of.) If he was a decent person he never would have slept with another man's wife.

Robert Wohlfahrt deserves to go to prison, and if there is any justice in the world, I am the man who will put him there. Someone needed to stand up to him and, unfortunately for him, he has now messed with the life of the wrong man. I told him from the beginning I would get him somehow - and he laughed at me - but this blog was my vehicle for doing just that and, believe me, it is working. Show him no pity. He, Karine, and the Claude Brunck family - not the whole family but the owners of the Henry Brunck Bakery - showed me no mercy, and they deserve none in return. This is what they get for ignoring right from wrong - and for their own enjoyment at causing pain to a black American who never hurt them in any way.

I will write more later but, right now, I'm expected to also focus on an equally important, but less personal, issue: Obama.

Take care,



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